Old Dominion Remade Their Entire Album With Just Meows

According to lead singer Matthew Ramsey, during a recent band meeting, one member made a good point, and another replied with, “meow, meow.”

Eventually, the random meows became an inside joke and started showing up all the time.

“We just thought it was funny, and then some of our crew thought it was funny, and then the label’s always asking us to do different versions of songs — acoustic, things like that. And we were like, ‘Let’s do a meow one,’ and then it started with one song, and then we were like, ‘Oh, let’s do the whole album!'”

So, that’s what they did.

“The first song that we did was ‘Never Be Sorry,’ which is probably the most mind-numbing one of them all,” Ramsey told People. “It’s a lot of just meowing on the same note. I could not get through it. The guys had to leave the room because they couldn’t stop laughing, and if one person cracked, the rest of us would.”

Ramsey added that it’s not just monotone meow sounds. He matched the original lyrics with the same emotion.

“You have to match the emotion of the actual song, so it’s like, you know, if a cat was going to listen to this, we want them to feel.”